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You've Got Potential!

Each and everyone one of us was put on this earth at this exact moment. Why? Simply: Because He knows your potential and believes in you. The definition of potential is "having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future."  From the moment of your existence, God placed into your very heart and soul POTENTIAL. Into each and every one of our hearts and souls, God placed a piece of Himself and a piece of Heaven. Heaven dwells within YOU. You have Heaven within you, just waiting to get out and spread into the world. You have the future that you desire, one full of love, life, hope, and goodness already inside of you and through God and His graces, He sees the capacity of you developing into something greater in the future. He knows you'll transform the world by being you. You are made in His image and likeness and when you fully embrace who you were created to be, your full potential shines through. So, what is your potential? To live so fully for Him that heads turn, knowing that there is something different about you, just by the way you carry yourself and how you light up a room. To love so radically that others see the face of God in you, and not you at all. That you would just be a fragrance of yourself, while God is fully seen. With you showing His love to each and every person, through every word, action, and deed that you do. With every breath you breathe, you have so much potential: to change the people and world around you through Him. He knows the power your words and actions have. He knows the gifts that you have. He knows that you can grow more. God wants you perfectly in and for Him in this time and for eternity. He sees the things you do each and every day and sees the POTENTIAL in it all: for others and for the greater glory of His kingdom. He even sees your quirks and loves them as well. Does God really want, you fill in the blank? The answer: always YES.  He wants you for you and loves you NO MATTER WHAT.  His love for you is greater than anything you can ever do. Nothing that you could ever do could ever change this. He loves you. His love is complete without measure. He created you out of so much love and heart and passion, that He craves to have you for you and wants to use you for His kingdom. He knows your POTENTIAL because He first set it into place. He was and is the one who can truly see how great you are and how you are growing into being, if and when you take His hand and allow Him to show you the potential you have and what He wants to do in your life. God sees the POTENTIAL that each one of us carries. Through our flaws, through our strengths, and through our weaknesses, He wants to take it and transform it forever.  In each and everyone of us, God dwells. He has made each and everyone of us alive in Him. We each have our own unique gifts from the Father and we are all called to share our uniqueness with every person we meet. If each and everyone of us were the same or acted in the same way, would God’s potential in us be fully fulfilled? Would we be able to fully see God?  Each time we suppress who we are truly called to be and do, is God being shown? When each and everyone of us lives as we are truly created to be, will we know our true potentials.  Through Christ, He reaches to us and wants to take us out of our tombs of death and stiffness. By stepping into your full potential in boldness and faith, others will come to CRAVE what you have. The journey will be difficult at times, but we are called to greatness, not comfort. And rest assured that God is, and will always be, with us every step of the way, showing us who He is and who we are. Are you ready to trust Him? Just think of your potential if you do!

This blog was written by Ellie Hanson. You can find Ellie on Instagram @ellie_hanson3.

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