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Lord, let my will be Your will.

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

How often have you and I thought, “If I just date this person, I’ll be fulfilled,” or “If I just get that promotion, life will be better,” or “If I can just move to this new city, I’ll find purpose.” And then these things happen, and we still have an ache for more. The reality is, we often have this idea in our heads of what we need to be happy, but we fail to ask, “Is this Your plan, Jesus?”

As today’s gospel (March 3) states, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.”

We know in our heads that the God of the universe is truly concerned with our well-being, but do we believe it in our hearts? Are we willing to trust Him, and say, “Your will be done”? This Lenten season affords us many opportunities to come to know Our Lord in a deeper way, but it starts with honesty, approaching Him without holding anything back. His Merciful Heart not only wants it but is “gushing forth as a fount of mercy for us.”

Lord Jesus, I ask that you help me to trust You blindly, conforming my will to Yours, and wrapping me in your Blessed Mother’s protection and love. Let me seek You in all things and hold back nothing. Jesus, I trust in You.

I invite you today to sit with Our Lord and give Him permission to speak truth in your life.

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