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Were not our hearts burning within us? Part Two

I want to ask you a few questions.

Firstly, is your life different since COVID-19? And secondarily, have you made strides in becoming the person God is calling you to be or have you gone in reverse? I think all of us have the same answer for question one (minus maybe the cloistered nuns and hermits). Yes, a resounding yes! Life is very different! I can’t go into the office, I can’t go out to eat, I can’t travel, I can’t watch sports, I can’t visit my friends and family! But the second question? This one will vary, and that’s on us. In today’s Gospel, we hear the story of the Road to Emmaus. Two of Jesus’ disciples walking and sharing with one other their thoughts and feelings about the recent death and (supposed) resurrection of Our Lord. Then He appears, and at first, they don’t recognize Him. But then something changes. They share a meal together, and during the Breaking of the Bread they come to recognize Him. And then, He disappears. What follows this encounter is what I want to hit on. These disciples had just walked seven miles to get to Emmaus but after seeing Jesus, rush back. Why? Because of the encounter they just had! They decide that no time can be wasted; they must tell the disciples what they saw, and must do so right away! The supposed Resurrection of Our Lord? Now confirmed! No. Time. Can. Be. Wasted. My second question above is not presented to make anyone feel bad; It’s presented because it deserves some thought. This is such a unique time in our lives. Everything has slowed down considerably and with that, we have a choice - Do we dedicate these next few weeks or months to surviving or do we try and thrive, try and grow into the people we are called to be? Satan wants us to be glued to our couches, binge-watching Netflix shows and waiting for this season to end. He wants us to be inactive. Jesus on the other hand? He wants us to think outside the box, and spend this time making little sacrifices, increasing our time in prayer, reaching out to those in need, working on self! He wants us to come out of this not only a survivor but a conqueror! Let that be our prayer tonight.

Dear Jesus, Help me to be like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, my heart burning inside with love for you. I know who You are; I have experienced Your Eucharistic Heart. You’ve reveled yourself to me time in time again in the breaking of the Bread. Keep reminding me so that I run to share this good news with whomever I encounter today! I love you Jesus; help me to love you more.


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