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Come, let us return to the Lord.

A reflection on today's readings.

A few years back there was a television show called, “The Moment of Truth.” Each contestant was asked personal questions about their lives, and for every truthful answer, they earned a certain amount of money. No question was off limits.

On one occasion they had a woman who was asked two questions about her marriage that would likely cause great division with her spouse; she seemingly did not care. She answered both honestly, deciding that the prize was worth it.

Then she was asked something simple yet profound:

“Are you a good person?” She paused. How was she to answer? She said, “Yes, I think I’m a good person.” The lie detector had caught her.

In today’s first reading, the first line says, “Come, let us return to Lord.”

How often would you and I be able to answer that question honestly, and say, “Yes Lord, I’m a good person”? Fortunately, the Lord knows of our brokenness, and invites us into His merciful love. He knows our past but wants us to be wiped clean!

Lord, my brokenness is real, but so is Your mercy. Forgive me for the ways I have sinned against you and give me the graces to persevere! Mary, wrap me in your mantle of protection and love.

Challenge: Find a time to go to confession over these next few weeks. Return to the Lord!

First published in the Catholic Telegraph.

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