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Advice From The Mother

It seems wherever we look, temptation is staring us in the face.

The billboard cruising down the highway with the lustful photo, the magazine in the checkout line with “5 tips to spice things up in the bedroom” on the front cover and not to mention, the music that is constantly reciting sensual lyrics. We all have a desire to give ourselves in love, but our culture often confuses love with use.

We must be weary to not feed into a counterfeit version of love and instead search for the authentic love God desires for us. The selfless love, the love that leads us closer to Christ, the love that chooses us every day - with the good, the bad and the ugly. THAT true, deep, meaningful love.

With that being said, how can one remain chaste in a world that is frequently selling use? The answer is simple, but at the same time complex.

We must try to avoid the near occasion of sin. I know that is much easier said than done and perhaps at times may feel even impossible. However, it can be done. God provides the graces necessary to say no, to not go further than we should, to avoid places that may tempt us. And God knows our humanity, He knows our hearts. He knows our desire to live chastely and He knows we may fail. We must Persevere! It is a cross worth carrying and surely will only help us grow in holiness. We must not forget our worth and what true authentic love entails. To fully live out this true love, we need prayer. We need His strength and guidance.

We need our Mother.

Our Mother Mary is such a beautiful gift. We can look to her and see what true obedience and faith looks like. She said yes to God in everything, trusting the plan He had for her. Perhaps she was afraid, confused and anxious due to the unknown but her faith and trust in God allowed her to fully embrace His plan for her.

We ought to seek her and ask that she give us that same trust and courage when it comes to living a life of virtue and remaining chaste until marriage. She can intercede for us and help us to fight the temptations that come our way. With Mary alongside her Son, surely the battle will not seem so lonely and heavy. We are not alone!

Let us seek her more, and lean on her during times of temptation, weakness and failure. Her Intercession never fails.

Mother most pure and Mother most chaste, pray for us!

This blog was written by Jennifer Campos.

You can find her on Instagram @thoughtsbyjenn.

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